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Caring for your trees can be challenging. If they’re not given the proper attention, they can quickly become overgrown. No matter how many trees you have at your home or business, our team has the means to keep them trimmed and healthy, or provide tree removal service when necessary.  Tree trimming can actually be quite time consuming, especially when you have a busy schedule. You may not even have the proper tree trimming equipment which is why Davis Brothers Tree Care Inc. is ready to help. Enjoy your outdoor space more when you have your tree trimming taken care of by experienced professionals.

Our Core Services

Tree Health

How healthy are the trees in your yard? If you’re not sure about the health of your trees, contact Davis Brothers Tree Care Inc. today. Our tree health management team in West Tennessee provides free tree health inspections designed to give you an overview of each of your trees. We’ll also show you how you can save any damaged or dying trees.

Tree Trimming

Are your trees overgrown? If so, be sure to hire a professional tree care service in West Tennessee to trim your trees for you. You can trust us to prune the trees on your property. Our team is trained to keep your trees healthy and your yard looking professionally maintained.

Tree Removal

If you need a tree removed from your yard, contact Davis Brothers Tree Care Inc. today. Our tree removal pros in West Tennessee are trained to remove your trees—both dead and alive—efficiently and safely. Once your tree is removed, our team will clear the debris from your yard and leave it cleaner than we found it.

Stump Grinding

Removing a stump from your yard is a frustrating and time-consuming task. Don’t struggle with it on your own. Contact Davis Brothers Tree Care Inc. today. Our experienced stump removal experts in West Tennessee are equipped with specialized tools to remove your stump quickly and safely. You can count on us to make the process as stress-free as possible.

What our Customers say?

Highly recommend. Very professional. Quality equipment in great shape and their work is impeccable! They removed 3 large trees that were extremely close to my home from my property. They hauled off and cleaned up the property before they left . It looked amazing ! I had also gotten quotes from other tree companies and these guys were a 1000 cheaper . If you need tree removal Davis brothers are the ones to call.
Lori Collins
I called davis bros last week, brock and Mitchell came out that day and looked at my trees and the work I needed done, gave me an estimate / they said they would be out in a few days to take care of Me. after sev days of rain they showed up and took my trees down and trimmed some limbs. then cleaned everything up including grinding the two stumps/ excellant work and both couldnt have been nicer young men Thanks Guys
H. Norvell

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Are you tired of overgrown trees turning your yard into an eyesore?  Don’t wait any longer to hire a professional to trim your trees. You can rely on our team to care for your trees affordably.

When we trim your trees, you can also ask us to complete a free tree health inspection to make sure they’re healthy. If we find any issues, we’ll let you know how we can restore your trees to health.
Have you been considering tree removal at your West Tennessee home or business? Sometimes your space could be better utilized by having a tree removed. This is certainly a project that requires the attention of a skilled tree removal expert. Enjoy your front or back yard the way you want to and let Davis Brothers Tree Care Inc. tend to your tree removal needs in West Tennessee.

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