Hire a Professional to Maintain Your Trees

Learn more about the tree trimming services offered by Davis Brothers Tree Care in West Tennessee

Are your trees overgrown? If so, be sure to hire a professional tree care service in West Tennessee to trim your trees for you. You can trust us to prune the trees on your property. Our team is trained to keep your trees healthy and your yard looking professionally maintained. 

For more information about our tree trimming services, call us today at (731) 345-0942.

Why hire us to trim your trees?



When it’s time to trim your trees, don’t try to do it yourself. Hire Davis Brothers Tree Care to trim your trees for you. Here are three reasons why hiring us makes sense:



  • We’re trained to safely trim trees near power lines.


  • We have the tools to shape your trees and work on high branches.


  • We know how to save dying trees and keep your trees healthy.


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